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Develop skills for Misty robots


In this tutorial, you are shown how to use rerobots as a platform for developing Misty robot skills.

If you think that something is missing, or if you find errors, please contact us or open a ticket.


This tutorial assumes that you already have some workspace instance with a Misty robot. For instructions about how to do so, read: Try the Misty API with a proxy.

Change LED color and tilt the head of the robot

Example images in this section are from a fixed_misty2 workspace, in particular the deployment 2c0873b5.

Upon a new instantiation of a fixed_misty2 workspace, the offboard camera view appears like

view from before

If you do not know how to open a camera view, read another tutorial.

Now, consider the example Python code Copy-and-paste the HTTPS URL from the "Misty robot proxy" panel of your instance details page into line 24 of The panel with the URL will appear similar to the following:

screenshot of the Misty proxy panel

This example demonstrates how to use the Misty REST API through the rerobots proxy. If you had the robot on your local network, then MPURL can instead be the IP address of the robot.

Now, with the proxy URL saved to MPURL, try to execute on your own computer. At some time during operation, the head should appear tilted as it is in the following image:

view from after

Each basic action of the example Python code is little more than HTTP GET or POST. Consider the command to change the LED color (lines 29 - 33):

# Change the color of the chest LED to green
res = + '/api/led', json={
    'red': 0,
    'green': 255,
    'blue': 0,

It follows the official Misty reference documentation. This call is followed by

assert res.ok, 'response from POST /api/led: {} {}'.format(res.status_code, res.reason)

to verify that the HTTP response indicates success. If it is not, then some error message is printed.