The basic_kobuki workspace type has a freely moving robot that is a simple combination of a Kobuki mobile base, a Raspberry Pi, and laser range finder. It is contained in a space that can be different among deployments of this type; however, in all cases, it is indoors in an office-like environment.

The workspace type has two compute nodes:

  1. hostname rrc0: offboard (physically outside the reachable space); x86_64 GNU/Linux box.
  2. hostname rrc1: mounted onboard the robot; small, low-power ARM board (armv7l).

on rrc0

There are two webcams attached and visible from the device files /dev/video0 and /dev/video1.

on rrc1

The Kobuki mobile platform and Hokuyo laser scanner are both attached via USB. In the default image, the home directory contains the roslaunch file robot.launch. This file starts a ROS Kinetic configuration for using the robot. It uses the ROS packages urg_node and kobuki_node.

Bill of materials

Photographs of a deployment

Kobuki mobile base on its charging station and with Hokuyo laser range finder and Raspberry Pi 3 Model B mounted


version 1

  • initial release

-- Scott C. Livingston <(hidden)> Tue, 28 Aug 2018